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Visitation Appointment via telephone

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Visitation Appointment via telephone

  1. Booking line: 08-7785248.
  2. Meeting time that can be reserved: office hours: 9:00a.m-11:00a.m; 2:00p.m-4:00p.m. from Monday through Friday:
  3. Application for the following dates will be rejected:
    • Holidays
    • National holidays
    • Chinese New Year Festivities
  4. Provisions on qualification of application and meeting frequency:

4.1 Qualification of application: restricted to nearest relatives (as registered in relatives card of inmates) that had applied for ordinary meeting in our penitentiary before, which can be verified by looking up in the meeting record.

4.2 Meeting frequency: handled as stipulated in article 56 of the Regulations on the Progressive Treatment of Penalty.

5. Available quota for meeting reservation: a quota of 3 in each batch.

6. Meeting reservation is not applicable to: inmates who are deprived of the right to meet or to correspond as per the order of a judge or a prosecutor; inmates who are quarantined for violation of the provisions of the penitentiary and inmates who are on probation for the relief of punishment. Application for meeting these inmates will be rejected.

7. Time schedule for daily meeting batches:

In the morning:batch 1 08:55 batch 2 09:30 batch 3 10:05 batch 4 10:35 batch 5 11:05 batch 6 11:30

In the afternoon: batch 7 02:10 batch 8 02:40 batch 9 03:10 batch 10 03:40 batch 11 04:05 batch 12 04:30

8. Provision on the declination of meeting reservation application: Anyone who has made a meeting reservation but has not met the inmate yet will be denied another reservation.

9. Provision on the annulment of a meeting reservation: Dependants of inmates should register with their true identities when making a meeting reservation. Anyone who takes up a forge identity or arrogates other’s identity, once detected upon verification, will be disqualified to this service. What is more, his/her reservation on that day will also be annulled.

10. Provisions on the completion of the reserved meeting:

10.1 Applicants that have undergone the reservation formalities must arrive 20 minutes before the reserved time on the meeting day, carrying with them identity certificates (ID cards, drivers licenses; for foreigners: passports or alien resident certificates) to go through the post-registration formalities of meeting.

10.2 In case of that visitors are unable to undergo the meeting registration formalities on the reserved day or in the reserved period of time, they should call 08-7785248 on the day before the reserved day in office hours to cancel the reservation. Anyone who has made meeting reservations for 3 accumulated times within 6 months and has never turned up to go through the meeting registration formalities will be temporarily denied access to the reservation service for 6 months from the latest reserved meeting day.

11. These provisions will go into effect once they get approval from the Prison Affairs Committee after they are checked by the warden and have been submitted to the Prison Affairs Committee. The Procedure is the same for revision.


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