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Work of General Affairs Section

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Newly Admitted Inmates

When an inmate is newly admitted to the Prison, the General Affairs Section will process the accommodation work in conjunction with the Guard and Control Section to establish the identifying information of the inmate (such as fingerprints, tattoos and so on) and deliver the money and articles they carry for custody, etc.

Food Supply and Provision to Inmates

Currently, to improve the food supply of inmates, for each inmate, the monthly food expense is NTD 1,800; the provision expense is NTD 200; the work surplus distributed as food subsidiary is NTD 200 and the total amount is about NTD2,200. To provide nutrition, the Prison provides porridge, soy milk or steamed buns for breakfast and three dishes and one soup for lunch and dinner. Fruit is served 1–2 times a week. In summer, the Prison provides refreshing drinks daily, such as mung bean soup, red bean soup, aiyu, black tea, immortal grass in lunch and provides 1 bottle of frozen bottled water per person every 2 weeks.

Pay attention to the kitchen site work and hygienic environment

Those working in the kitchen site must carry out a health check and be free from legally infectious diseases such as hepatitis A and typhoid. During work, the worker should wear white overalls, caps and masks. Personal hygiene is strictly required, and modern cooking equipment is used to improve work efficiency. Open windows on the wall improve the ventilation and lighting of the kitchen site, and build a bright and clean working environment.

Set up a diet improvement team

In order to improve the food for inmates, a diet improvement team for the inmates is formed by the secretary, the chief of the general affairs section, the chief of the guard and control section, the accounting room director, the chief of sanitation and health section and the representatives of the inmates. Meetings are held once a month to review the diet supplying situation and discuss suggestion matters.

Promote good-neighborly policy and expand services to the people and build friendly environmental facilities

  1. The Prison adds barrier-free elevators in the administrative building to facilitate the use of the public.
  2. The Prison adds automatic telephones in the family visit room and telephones for visit in the guard and control area.
  3. The Prison adds TV visit equipment to facilitate the disabled inmates to be visited and increases the number of visits for families.
  4. The Prison sets up barrier-free parking spaces and service bells in the waiting room and on the road nearby.

Promote Good-neighborly Policy

  1. The Prison uses the guard and control manpower to maintain the lookout in the surrounding area, helps to ensure local safety and provides emergency medical treatment by ambulance for neighborhood patients.
  2. The Prison extends the good-neighborly policy and monthly or aperiodically dispatches the “Pingtung Prison Unit of the Southern District Correctional Institution Community Joint Service Team of the Ministry of Justice” formed by the inmates of the Prison to the neighboring Yongfeng community of Zhutian Township to assist in the cleaning of water ditches and tidying up surroundings. Over the years, several plaques have been awarded by the mayor of the township with “Take a heavy burden and embark on a long road” and the chairman of this community with “Good-neighborly.”
  3. The Prison and the Pingtung County Government signed the “Pingtung County Sports Park Environmental Clean and Maintenance Supporting Plan.” The Prison regularly sends the Prison’s Community Joint Service Team to clean and trim road trees to maintain a clean environment.
  4. The Prison dispatches inmates from outside cleaning squad to assist in loading garbage onto the garbage trucks of Zhutian Township Office to increase the frequency of transportation every day.

To eliminate unnecessary misunderstanding and doubts, the Prison regularly arranges local people, institutions, associations, media and inmates’ families to visit or to participate in various activities hosted by the Prison.



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