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Remote visitation

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Convenient online application system of the Ministry of Justice

  1. Preamble:

In accordance with the instruction of the Ministry of Justice, the Prison implemented “remote visit” in January 2002 to facilitate the inmates’ relatives to use the video equipment in the correction institution near their residences to visit the inmates, so that the inmates’ relatives don’t need to be fatigued by a long journey to visit inmates or inmates in custody in remote places.

  1. Application Requirement:

Fill in the application form for remote visit. The application form for remote visit can be obtained at the visit Service Desk of the Prison or downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Relevant documents, to prove that applicants meet the requirements, such as the original or photocopy of the disability handbook, the doctor’s diagnosis certificate or the household register transcript should be attached when applying. Applicants should choose the appropriate time to send those documents to the correctional institution where the inmate is located by registered mail or fax one week in advance. After review and approval by the correctional institution where the inmate is located, the correction institution will reply to the applicant by telephone, writing and email, and notify the scheduled visit date and time. After receiving the notice, the applicant will go to the institution that accepts remote visit at the scheduled time, bring the original identification documents and fill in the remote visit registration form, and then connect to the inmate by internet in the remote place for visit.
Remote visit appointment application: 08-7785438 ext. 611

  1. Applicable Person:

The spouse, direct blood relatives, collateral blood relatives within three degrees and in-law relatives within two degrees of inmates.

  1. visit Time:

Appointment registration time: On the 1st day of each month (in case of holiday, postponed to working day), telephone appointments will be accepted from 8:30 in the morning (08-7785438 ext. 611). If the appointment time is in the next month, and applicant can make an appointment for two time periods in the next month.
(Note: According to Section 10 of Rule of Prisons and detention centers handle communication equipment visit, inmates can be visited by communication equipment two times a month.  However, if the institution considers it necessary due to its location, equipment or other circumstances, the institution may adjust, add or subtract the visitation time.)

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