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Pingtung Prison entrance door

Pingtung Prison ,Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice was founded in 1950, and was originally located in the urban area of Pingtung city. At that time, the Prison and the Detention Center operated under the same administration. However, because of the increasing quantity and variety of tasks, the Prison became a separate entity, independent in operation from the Detention Center. The prison was relocated to another part of Pingtung City. However, limited space in the city unduly restricted areas for inmate activities and general surroundings. In addition, outmoded and obsolete equipment and housing facilities were below the standard required for modern prison management.
The Ministry of Justice sought to improve the situation. In 1988 after thorough consultation with the Taiwan Sugar Corporation on levying its farming land, a mutual agreement was reached whereby Ju-Tien Village became the new location of Pingtung Prison. In 1994, after more than five years of meticulous and vigilant planning, design, and construction, the new prison building was completed and began operation on June 8th 1994. The Prison covers an area of 26.0270 hectares, measuring 248 meters in length and 262 meters in width. Its adjacency to expressways makes the prison convenient for traffic. Furthermore, it is well equipped with good facilities and provides a modern rehabilitation organization

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