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Key Points for Implementing Visits

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  • Last updated:2020-09-15
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  1. visit accepter
    • The fourth-level inmates are allowed to meet with their nearest relatives and family.
    • Inmates above the third level are allowed to be visited by non-relatives if the visit will not harm prison management and discipline.
  2. Number of visits
    • No restrictions on first-level inmates.
    • Every 3 days for second level inmates.
    • 1 or 2 times a week for third level inmates (2 times in odd weeks and one time in even week).
    • 1 day a week for non-level or forth level inmates.
      • Note: If calculation is by week, the “week” means Sunday to Saturday. Day includes national holidays.
  3. visit Process.
    • The visiting family should first come to the convenience service machine to select the matter processed and draw a number plate.
    • The visitors (up to 3 person) should hold the number plate and identification documents to make registration, send food, articles and money and check at the designated window in the order of calling numbers.
    • After the registration process, the visitors wait for voice the announcement, and enter the visit window according to the order.
  4. visit Time
    • Working day from Monday to Friday: Registration time is from 8:00 AM to 11:10 AM and from 13:30 PM to 16:10 PM.
    • Every first Sunday of each month: Registration time is from 8:00 AM to 11:10 AM and from 13:30 PM to 16:10 PM.
    • Besides the first Sunday of each month, the visit will be held on consecutive holidays and national holidays. For consecutive holidays during the Spring Festival, the date and time of the visit will be announced separately.
    • As the working time and substance is different for the inmates in the external sub-prison camp and external autonomous operation, the visit time is separated set as below.
      • (1) Inmates in external sub-prison camp. Registration before 11:10 AM on each working Monday and Wednesday (if the day is on consecutive holidays or national holidays, the visit will not be held). The visit time is 11:30 to 12:20 at noon. Registration before 13:30 AM on each Friday. The visit time is 14:00 PM to 14:50 PM. The visit place will be in sub-prison camp.  If Friday is on a consecutive holiday or national holiday, the visit will be held in advance on Thursday. For Spring Festival, the visit time will be announced separately.
      • (2) Inmates in external autonomous operation. The visit day is the first Sunday of each month. The registration time is from 8:00 AM to 11:10 AM and 13:30 PM to 16:10 PM. For visit and visit registration in the “visit room” of the Prison: from the second Saturday of each month, registration from 8:00 AM to 08:10 AM. The visit starts from 8:10 AM to 8:40 and the visit and visit place is in external sub-prison camp.  For Spring Festival, the visit will be announced separately.​
  5. The refusal of and limitation on visit:
    • Those people who have one of the following conditions shall be refused or stopped being visited.
      • Those inmates who violate disciplines and within the institution approved the visit suspension period.
      • Those people who are refused visit by inmates.
      • Those people who do not carry identification documents.
      • Those people who are likely to interfere with institution discipline or affect management order.
      • Those people with alcoholism or mental disorders.
      • Those people who carry weapons, dangerous equipment or prohibited items.
      • Impostors. In addition, those people who have not been registered shall not substitute or accompany the registered person to visit.
      • Those people who might be harmful to inmates’ interests
  6. Other regulations about visit.
    • The “identification documents” is: national ID card, motor vehicle driver’s license, household register transcript or household register (for children over 12 years old but do not have a national ID card), passport or a document that fully proves their identity (must contain the date of birth, ID card number, address, photo, etc.); foreigners should submit passports, residence permits, entry and exit certificates. In addition, visitors should bring sufficient identification documents to identify the relationship with the inmates.
    • There is a limit of 3 people per visit, and those people who are allowed to visit can bring children under 12 years old.
    • For the visit registration, please draw a number plate; each time you can only draw one number plate. Please do not draw more (pre-) drawing, and registration is in the order of numbers. Each number plate can only be registered for one visit. For those people who have not been processed after the calling of 3 numbers, the number plate will be invalid. If the visitor wants to process the visit again, the visitor must draw another number plate.
    • Do not use code words, sign language, notes, mobile phones, and 3C products that can record, take pictures and video during the visit.
    • To apply the visit as family (cohabitant, fiancée, etc.), the applicant should submit sufficient evidence documents (such as ID card or household registration information, proof of the certificates signed of both people, household registration in the same household registration, household registration transcript, certificate of village chief or other documents that can be used to prove relationship), and the visit application can only be processed after the relationship between the two persons is confirmed by the investigation of the institution.
    • If the inmates are old or sick or who during their probation period violated the regulations, the visit will be processed by TV visit.
    • Those people who apply for processing matters or visit should please not bring pets for the overall environmental sanitation quality of the visit room and the rights and interests of the public. The Prison does not provide temporary pet custody services.
    • The Prison provides a toddler play area in store area. According to Article 51 of the Protection of Children and Youth Welfare and Rights Act, children under 6 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult over 20 years old to enter the play area, and the adult should take full care of the children. The Prison does not provide childcare services.
    • The visit room is a public space. Please take care of your belongings. The Prison will not take care of any belongings. The Prison will neither be responsible for any loss of or damage to your belongings.


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