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Remote visitation

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1. Foreword

This prison was instructed by the Ministry of Justice in January 2002 to open “long-distance reception” service to enable inmates’ relatives to use the nearby correctional organization’s video system to meet an inmate. This saves them the trouble to travel a long way to the prison for such a meeting.

2. Conditions and procedure
      1. Fill out an application form for long-distance interview. The form is available at the reception service desk of this prison or can be downloaded from MOJ Web site at: http://www.moj.gov.tw/eservice/index.asp
      2. Bring the necessary credentials with you. These include documents of the interviewed person, such as the passport for the handicapped, doctor’s diagnosis certificate, and the original or copy of domicile registration book. These documents should be sent by registered mail to the correctional institution for approval a week before the intended interview time. After approval, the applicant will be informed by telephone, writing, or e-mail about the scheduled time and date of the interview. After receiving the notice, the applicant should go to the nearby correctional institution with the notice and the ID for an arrangement of the long-distance interview.
3. Eligible persons

The inmate’s spouse, direct blood relatives, third degree blood relatives, and second degree marital relatives.

4. Time of visit

For the preliminary period, the long-distance interview is implemented from 13:00 p.m. to 15:00 p.m. on the afternoons, Monday through Friday. An applicant may apply for half an hour each time.

5. Telephone numbers of responsible official

Your opinion or comments for our services are welcome and will be referenced for improvement.
Long distance inquiry Telephone: (08) 7785248 
Visit by people Telephone: (08) 7785248 

Address: No. 132 ,Youngfong Rd, Youngfong Village,Jhutian Township, Pingtung County, 91142
Email: ptpmail@mail.moj.gov.tw



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